Agata Trovato

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I am a post-doc at the University of Trieste. As member of the LIGO and Virgo Collaboration, my main activities are the Gravitational Wave Open Science Center (GWOSC) and the study of machine learning applications to data analysis. I started my acedemic path within the neutrino astronomy community as part of the KM3NeT and ANTARES collaborations.


University of Trieste


Accessing and working with gravitational-wave open data from LIGO and Virgo
Agata Trovato

The breakthrough discovery of gravitational waves (GW) has opened the era of GW astronomy. A total of 50 GW signals have been detected until now from the data of the first two observing runs, O1 and O2, and the first six months of the third observing run (O3a). The LIGO and Virgo data that correspond to these events have been released via the Gravitational Wave Open Science Center (GWOSC) at the web address This tutorial will provide a learning path to future users that are not acquainted with the specificities of GW data. The users will have an overview of the content of the GWOSC website: which data are available and where to find them. They will learn to navigate the website, download and view the data using Python libraries such as gwosc and gwpy. They will learn the basics of the GW analysis, how to read the available analysis products such as skymaps and posterior samples, and how to make useful plots.

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