Maneage: Managing data lineage for archivable reproducibility
2021-10-26, 10:45–11:00, Grand Ballroom

The increasing volume, diversity, and role of data and software in modern research has been very fruitful. However, these same factors, have also made it harder to describe or archive (in sufficient detail) the processing behind a scientific result within the confines of a traditional paper/report. It is thus becoming harder and harder to reproduce results (i.e., critically review by coauthors, referees or larger community) that define scientific progress. In this talk, Maneage (MANaging data linEAGE) is introduced as a working solution to this problem. Maneage (a template, in the form of a Git branch) that provides a framework to exactly reproduce a scientific analysis (from the input data and software, to the processing and creation of final report/paper/dataset. It contains instructions to download and build the necessary software (from the low-level C compiler and shell, to the higher-level science programs and all their dependencies) with the predefined configuration and without third-party package managers. It also includes instructions to run the software on the input data sets to produce the final result (all as plain-text files). Maneage will finally produce a "dynamic" PDF using LaTeX macros: any change in the analysis will automatically update the relevant parts of the PDF (for example numbers, tables or figures). A project defined in this template is fully managed and published in plain text and only consumes a few hundred kilo-bytes (unlike binary multi-gigabyte blobs like containers). It is thus easily to publish and archive for future usage, for example on arXiv (with the paper's LaTeX source) or Software Heritage. Maneage was a recepient of an RDA-Europe adoption grant for best adoption of the "Workflows for Research Data Publishing" guidelines. For more, please see, or its main webpage:


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