The TOM Toolkit: Power tools to enhance science and observations
2021-10-26, 20:00–20:30, Grand Ballroom

Astrophysics is being increasingly driven by science derived from alerts of
new discoveries made by large scale surveys, issued in near real-time and
at unprecedented data rates and volume. Much of the scientific goals of these
surveys depends on our ability to characterize these initial discoveries,
collating information from many surveys and data archives but also demanding
additional follow-up observations, often within hours of discovery and
continuing for months afterwards.
The workload of these follow-up programs is untenable without software tools to collate
data and interface programmatically with essential services in astronomy,
including alert brokers, data archives and telescope facilities.
Many projects have developed Target and Observation Manager Systems (TOMs) to
fulfil this purpose, combining a flexible, searchable database of all project
information, with an observation and data analysis control system, and
communication and data visualization tools. I will describe the TOM Toolkit,
an open-source package designed to make it easy for any astronomer to
build and customize a TOM system for their science needs, including recent
enhancements to the package and future directions for its development.


Solutions for workflow management and reproducibility, Building accessible and friendly user interfaces