Designing the SKA Regional Centre Network
2021-10-27, 12:00–12:15, Grand Ballroom

The construction of the world's largest radio telescope, the SKA, has been approved and begins this year. In order to cope with the huge amount of data expected, an international network of SKA Regional Centres (SRC), the SRCNet, is being defined and developed. The SRCs will be receiving and managing hundreds of petabytes of data from the SKA Observatory (SKAO), providing the infrastructure, tools and user support necessary to enable science with the SKA data. The SRC community and SKAO have engaged in a challenge to design a globally distributed system SRCNet that will equip scientists worldwide with the necessary means for easy access to the globally distributed data and compute infrastructure and to provide remote data analysis tools using the SaaS approach. The SKA data flow from the generation to the SRCs and data exploitation represent the biggest challenge on astronomical data handling of the era. We will present an overview of the system architecture design of SRCNet that has been prepared for the global prototyping effort that begins in 2022. We will also discuss the distributed development framework that we intend to use during the prototyping effort.


Solutions for workflow management and reproducibility, Building accessible and friendly user interfaces, FAIR standards for astronomical data, Big data: How to deal with the 5 Vs (volume, velocity, variety, veracity, value)