The Intelligent Observatory (South African Astronomical Observatory)
2021-10-27, 08:45–09:00, Grand Ballroom

In the era of multi-wavelength and multi-messenger astronomy there is a wealth of global and space based facilities that are providing unprecedented opportunities to explore transient phenomena and time domain astronomy.
To take full advantage of these opportunities requires upgrading and adapting of observatory operations and hardware. Hardware (instruments and telescopes) needs to be made as fully automated as possible, operations needs to be adapted in order to accommodate a variety of observing modes including responding to alerts, automated queues, remote and manual observing. All of this then needs to be “intelligently” managed and coordinated. The Intelligent Observatory (IO) is SAAO's (South African Astronomical Observatory) key programme to upgrade its optical/IR facilities and operations to take full advantage of these opportunities.


Modernizing and maintaining telescopes