Software prize ceremony & talk
2021-10-28, 21:15–21:45, Grand Ballroom

The ADASS Program Organizing Committee is pleased to announce the winner of the annual ADASS Prize for an Outstanding Contribution to Astronomical Software.

The 2021 recipients of the prize are: Doug Tody, Lindsey Davis and Frank Valdes for the design and development of the core IRAF system and science packages that have enabled almost 25,000 scientific papers since 1986. IRAF (Image Reduction and Analysis Facility) is a software system developed originally by the National Optical Astronomy Observatory (now NSF's NOIRLab) that has been extended by astronomers and institutions to provide a standard platform for data reduction and pipeline processing for numerous ground and space-based observatories. This award is presented in recognition of the outstanding contribution of IRAF to the astronomical software community and the key role these awardees had in developing the core system.

The ADASS community was invited to submit nominations for this year's prize. The winner was selected by the Program Organizing Committee whose members voted on the received nominations. We wish to thank the community for their enthusiastic participation.

The award will be presented during this session, followed by a talk by Frank Valdes.