Jdaviz: An interactive visual data analysis tool for JWST in the Jupyter platform
2021-10-25, 20:30–21:00, Grand Ballroom

Jdaviz is a package of astronomical data analysis visualization tools based on the Jupyter platform. These GUI-based tools link data visualization and interactive analysis. They are designed to work within a Jupyter notebook cell, as a standalone desktop application, or as embedded windows within a website – all with nearly-identical user interfaces. Jdaviz has been designed specifically to support JWST use cases, but can be used for a wide range of astronomical data.

This demo will explain the technology stack underlying Jdaviz that works to connect the front-end interactive application with the astropy-based analysis suite on the back-end, including Glue, glue-jupyter, glue-astronomy, ipyveutify, and bqplot. I will give brief demonstrations of the tools available for analyzing data cubes, single- and multi-object spectroscopy, and images.


Solutions for workflow management and reproducibility, Building accessible and friendly user interfaces, Big data: How to deal with the 5 Vs (volume, velocity, variety, veracity, value)