A Science-Centric, Open approach to Scrum
2021-10-26, 21:45–22:00, Grand Ballroom

I will describe a novel approach to software development and teamwork that STScI's Data Analysis Tools Branch has been taking for the last few years, particularly for the Jdaviz visualization tools. This approach's goal is to combine the engineering benefits of Agile software development (specifically Scrum) with the need to engage scientists in the development process and the need to ensure it is Open and reproducible. The approach uses a mixed team of scientists and engineers who take on specific Scrum roles to give everyone a clear understanding of where they fit in, while ensuring the whole team has collective ownership of the work. Additionally, because the team's work is Open Source and has a major UX component, I will describe the both technical and social methods the team uses to try to ensure the development process is reproducible and visible to the outside world (while not being too "noisy" and full of internal details not important for the actual software). Finally, I will describe some lessons learned and how this approach might be applied to interested other astronomy software teams.


Solutions for workflow management and reproducibility, Building accessible and friendly user interfaces, Other