Open-source web tools for visualization of imaging and spectral data in RCSEDv2
2021-10-26, 10:30–10:45, Grand Ballroom

The rapid development of Virtual Observatory technologies raises demand for customizable and easily embeddable data visualization tools, which can acquire data from the VO and be used as web components across different projects. We present a set of open-source web-tools for visualization of spectral and imaging data, which we use in the second Reference Catalogue of Spectral Energy Distributions of galaxies RCSEDv2 ( Using modern web frameworks Quasar and Vue.js we developed interactive viewers providing interactive visualization for spectra and SEDs of galaxies and diagrams presenting emission line ratios determined from the analysis of their spectra (BPT diagrams). The viewers are built in Javascript which puts a minimum load on the server side while providing full interactivity for the user. The use of modern web frameworks provides full customization making the viewers easily embeddable into web-sites of astronomical archives and databases. It also provides compatibility with popular third-party web-tools such as Aladin Lite.


Solutions for workflow management and reproducibility, Building accessible and friendly user interfaces